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    When we give ourselves the gift of healing touch, we make space for healing to come forth in the world.

    Massage Therapy

    We give a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Home sweet home” when we conveniently bring the best spa experience to your doorsteps. Whether you wish to prepare your body and mind for the day ahead, de-stress, release chronic pain or simply unwind after a long day, we are pleased to bring quality spa services to the comfort of your home.

    After your Masciage experience, we guarantee you will be left feeling rejuvenated, peaceful, light, balanced and pain-free.

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Masciage provides a variety of massage modalities to best suit your needs. Choose from a 60, 90 or a 120 minute massage.



Relax your body and mind



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Masciage Business Punch Card

Card will be punched after every visit. On the 5th visit you will receive a Masciage Treat of your choice and on the 10th visit you will receive a free Masciage Hydrating Sea Salt Glow (transferrable to another guest)

Client Referrals

Another great way to save and share the Masciage experience with others. Every time a client mentions your name you will receive a $10 discount on your next visit.

First Time Clients

Receive a $20 discount on your first visit (not valid on discounted services)

*All discounts and gift certificates can be used for services and/or products. Discounts are not transferable to another client.


Being involved in international business I have traveled the world many times and in doing so it is very stressful and causes body fatigue and tension, for you that travel you understand what I’m saying.

I have had well over 100 massages over the years and some you never forget because the massage therapist just leaves a special impression on you. That type of memory is just what happened when I was introduced to Mascia. Prior to meeting her I had been involved in a bad car accident that left me with severe back and neck pain, that I have been battling for several weeks.

I was introduced to Mascia by a friend that knew the situation I was in with the pain and said “Larry, I have someone that can help you” in the back of my mind I was thinking I do not need a massage I may need surgery to get relief, well long story short he was right. I have never had such a professional session (Ever). Mascia took the time to carefully determine what was going on with my pain. Mascia professional touch is like no other I’ve personally experienced, even comparing to some I’ve had in Genève, Switzerland over the years (where the Swiss are well known for some of the best massages in the world).

I can say I have found the best of the best and will not use anyone else in my travels to south Florida. I would highly recommend Mascia to anyone that just needs to be spoiled and relax, or to that person that has suffered in pain from an injury. Thanks Mascia for an amazing professional experience.

I had a chance to receive an hour and half massage from Mascia recently . Her techniques are unique and she uses a long deep stroke with her palm which I really enjoyed . I am not fan of thumb and kneading neither fist but I love deep massages for sure. She understand the personal needs and gives you a special massage for your individuality . I fell asleep a few times on her massage table, having even some amazing vivid dreams, not once but a few times during the session . It was a wonderful experience . Powerful , uplifting for my whole body and spirit ! I would love to recommend her services for everybody with an open heart ! Gratitude.
Krisztina Simon
A little reluctant at first since I was not a fan of massages I decided to give it a try. Mascia was recommend to me by a trusted friend and I surely was NOT disappointed. All the mothers out there can understand the toll pregnancy takes on the body and now expecting myself I was tense and experiencing back aches. The 60 min massage not only eliminated those aches but left me in bliss for the remainder of my day! Thank you again Mascia for your heavenly touch. Can't wait to do it again!
Cynthia Moran
My massage with Mascia was amazing. She is caring, knowledgeable and professional. I felt so wonderful and relaxed that I could barely peel myself off the table. It was an amazing experience!
Kat S
“ When people love what they do and they are passionate about healing it is evident in their work. Mascia is one of those beautiful souls. After a session with her I am feeling like I'm floating. I just received a massage from her and it was the best massage I've ever had. Before I was tense and stressed, and now I am feeling relaxed and peaceful. I am extremely grateful for Mascia's healing touch."
Kylie Forsyth
“I just had a massage from Mascia.   While I've had, must be, over 100 massages in my lifetime, this hour session with Mascia was altogether a new level of care.  I felt like she knew my body, was speaking into the muscles, the skin, and the organs. There was a delicate combination of deep tissue therapy coupled with just the right amount of pressure to get the knots loosened up without causing discomfort.  Her expressive touch allowed me to drift off and back into a conscious state. By the time the session was over, I felt renewed, uplifted and a bit dreamy.  Not only was the session memorable, the way Mascia worked the body, but her tone, speaking softly into key areas of tightness and allowing me to breathe deeper to allow for release of tension, well, it was totally a multi-sensory, holistic experience. Would I recommend Mascia for your next massage?  Heck yeah, in a heartbeat.   She has a way of being that exudes professional care mixed with an anatomical balance of energy,  knowledge and dedication to healing that makes you want to book her in 5 or 10 massage blocks now --- as her schedule is certain to fill up fast. Try out the touch of Mascia.  Heaven on Earth."
David Hall


Mascia Penha, LMT is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Florida and New Jersey. She has been practicing massage therapy since 2009 and has been trained in a variety of modalities in the New York Tri-state area. Some of these include Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Medical, Prenatal, Swedish, Reflexology, Thai and Warm Stone Massage. Her expertise however, is in creating a unique experience to each individual by combining traditional massage and bodywork techniques with sound healing, energy work, breathing and mindfulness exercises. The main goal always being to address the underlying causes of blockages, discomfort and/or pain in the body, and thus creating a shift in the healing process.

For the past seven years Mascia has worked in a rehabilitation center and reputable spas in NY, NJ and Florida. She has had the experience of working with athletes, pregnant women, the elderly and people with a variety of injuries and ailments such as Parkinson’s and Cancer.

Her dedication and love for the field of massage therapy and bodywork started when she began receiving massages to release tension and emotional stress after the loss of her mother to cancer. During this pivotal moment in her life she realized she was not living a life of service and found that massage therapy would be the career for her to make a difference in the world.

“I’ve had personal experience with what mindful healing touch can do in creating balance, relaxation and an immediate shift in the body and mind. Massage is not just for relaxation; it can powerfully change one’s quality of life. Because of this, I have dedicated my career to evolving myself as a therapist, always perfecting my intuitive style, and listening to my clients’ needs in order to provide them with their personalized Masciage experience.”

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